Why get an Alsatian, a Doberman, a Poodle or a Pomeranian when you can have them all!

  • Get everything you are looking for in the all-in-one Indian Dog.
  • Our Indian Dog has the intelligence of an Alsatian, the tenacity of a Terrier,
  • the loyalty of a Labrador and the speed of a Greyhound
  • If one person in 50 were to give an Indian Dog a home, there would be no strays left in India.


Adopt one from the road or call 9810054077, 9910231353 for help.


PFA offers happy, healthy pups for free adoption every Wednesday at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket - New Delhi.

  • In a unique animal-friendly initiative, Select Citywalk, Saket in collaboration with People For Animals (PFA) is organising a puppy adoption corner which will offer shelter puppies for free adoption, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as part of its Flea Market from 4 pm to 8 pm. Named 'Puppy Love' , the stall is done up in the form of a manger in keeping with the Christmas spirit. There will be 20-25 puppies at the stall every week.
  • The initiative has been welcomed by a number of leading vets and pet product retailers who have come forward to support it. Windsor Pet Shop of Khan Market and Heads Up for Tails of Saket have contributed puppy beds for the stall , while leading veterinarian, Dr. Narendra Gandhi of East of Kailash has offered free lifetime rabies and tetanus vaccinations for any pup adopted from here.
  • This is the first time that shelter puppies are being promoted to the public. It is an enormously useful endeavour since puppies have very high susceptibility to infections in a shelter and urgently need to find homes.
  • Since few people bother to visit shelters to choose pets, this is a wonderful way of taking pups to them. Children who have pets have been shown to be more intelligent and responsible than those that don't have animals. Indian dogs are better suited to our climate and conditions . They make bright, beautiful, loving and loyal companions. If, instead of buying dogs, people were to adopt pups off the street or a shelter, we would soon have no strays left to suffer on the street.
  • The Wednesday Adopthathon is open to all those who have Indian pups that need to find homes and welcomes all those ready to share their home and heart with a loving , loyal friend.
  • On 31st December, actor Rahul Dev who is both a vegetarian and a strong animal rights supporter visited the stall to encourage people to open their hearts and homes to Indian dogs.

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