SHOCKING! TV actress Shruti Ulfat arrested for posting live video of a cobra.

Jama Raja fame Shruti Ulfat landed her self in trouble by posting a live video of mishandling cobra, snake. Yes. The actress has been arrested by Thane forest department for posting a live video of cobra on Instagram. The time she posted the video, she was shooting for her TV Series Nagarjuna- Ek Yoddha based on the mythical Naaglok which is a part of Hindu puranas and epics like Mahabharata.

Sunish Kunju of PAWS immediately raised this issue to the forest department for forensic investigation. Apart form Shruti three other members from her production team, Nitin Solanki, Utkarsh Bali and Pearl Puri were arrested and booked under the violation of sections wildlife act 1972 -Sections 9, 39, 48a, 51.

The complainant revealed how the production team kept misleading the forest department just to hide the fact that they had shot with a real snake. He said, “If such acts are performed by television personalities it will only promote capturing snakes and making such videos. We also want the forest department to arrest the main culprit who provided the snake as it was not only extremely risky for people but also traumatising for the snake.”

Now we wonder how will Shruti tackle this trouble.

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Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

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Shelter Improvement by Emily Ridgewell.

Animal shelters in India are supposed to be a safe place for homeless animals to go while they wait for someone to adopt them. Although there are many incredible shelters, there are also those that do not care for animals as they should. If you are operating a pet shelter, here are a few ways you can improve your facility:

Increase play time.

Animals are often kept locked up in cages for long periods of time when they are brought to shelters. In fact, many animals may spend the rest of their lives inside these cages. The longer they are trapped in the cage, the more aggressive and socially withdrawn they will become. But, people don’t want to adopt a sad or angry pet, so the more time animals spend in cages, the less appealing they are to potential owners. To improve pet shelters, owners need to give animals more time out of their cages. Not only does play time help animals get moving to stay healthy, but it also helps them learn new social skills. Play time is incredibly beneficial to animals, so every pet shelter should make an effort to provide animals with it.

Seek more volunteers

Taking care of dozens of animals is a tough job, and pet shelters need all the help they can get. Every shelter should try to recruit new volunteers in the community by putting up flyers, advertising on social media, and partnering with local schools, non-profits, and universities. Volunteers can help clean the facility, play with animals, take animals on walks, and work with people with who are interested in adoption. The more people you can get into your shelter to help your cause, the better.

Hire a cruelty investigator.

Shelters should have a cruelty investigator on staff to look into complaints of animal abuse. Even if you thoroughly vet the volunteers and paid employees that work for your shelter, there is always a chance that animal abuse can take place. Having a designated cruelty investigator will show other people who work for the shelter that you will not tolerate cruelty. It will also send a message to the community that you are dedicated to taking care of animals and providing for them until they find a permanent home.

Educate your staff.

Shelters should invest in developing a training program for their staff so they can better serve the community. Staff members should know the basics of caring for animals, including how species differs from another. For example, most dogs love playing and being around people, but cats tend to value their alone time. Knowing this will help your staff provide a calm environment for each type of animal.

Staff members should be able to talk to people who are interested in adopting about each breed of dog or cat that is in the shelter. For example, a family that comes in looking for a kid-friendly dog should know that the Indian dog is a much better choice than the Chow Chow or Siberian Husky The better you educate your staff, the better they can help you operate your facility and serve customers.

Following these simple tips can help you improve your reputation in the community, increase adoptions, and of course, keep your animals safe and happy.

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