Are you passionate about Animals? Do you want to work for the welfare of least privileged creatures? And above all, do you want to earn yourself an experience for lifetime to work with India’s largest Animal Welfare Organization between 10.00 am to 5.00pm between Monday through Friday?

Okay you want to do all this mentioned above, But what do you get in RETURN?

You get a "Youth Animal Activist Of The Year Certificate", and a letter of appreciation personally signed by Chairperson PFA, Smt.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi.

We are in constant search of people who are caring towards animals, sensitive towards environment and dedicated towards their work. The area of work varies from computer skills, documentation, handling social media, PR, media management, counter puppy adoption at our outdoor camps in various malls and fairs, events management, online database recording and making calls for various requirements for our local shelters

Interns are an important pillar in any organization, similarly PFA pays special attention to the volunteer. please note that volunteer job is a kind service you do in welfare of animals in PFA. Should you be interested to volunteer for PFA, then send us your resume with a letter mentioning your area of interest from the list mention above at and

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