Animal welfare is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Cruelty to animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy and environment. Join PFA in this movement and save Mother nature

  • Rs.500
  • Student Membership + PFA Wrist band
  • Rs.1,000
  • Silver membership + PFA T-Shirt + Wrist band
  • Rs.2,500
  • Golden Membership + PFA T-Shirt + First Aid For Animals Book
  • Rs.5,000
  • Platinum membership + 3 Free Check Ups of your pet in 1 Year at PFA Shelter at your district
  • Rs.10,000
  • Life membership + 10 check ups of your pet in 3 years in PFA Shelter at your district

"Except Life Time Membership all the other memberships are only valid for One Year. Please renew it every year"

Membership Cards and Kit will reach to the members in 20-25 days.

All Categories of Memberships are considered to be active working members of People For Animals. They can be contacted in case of any help required for animal welfare.

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